Thursday, February 2, 2017


I Have an Exciting Announcement to Make! 

Hooked has gotten a new look for its two year book birthday! Included in this new edition is two short stories: Hooked Ever After & Hooked for the Holidays.
Currently available on Amazon and iBooks.

And in addition, Hooked is now part of a series, Hearts of Stone. Book two, Hitched, will release this spring and book 3, Hated, will release this summer. Stay tuned for more information on actual release dates!


For aspiring journalist Harlow Ransom, life is just a well-oiled machine, and if she plans well, all things will go accordingly. And that is exactly why Harlow lives her life by perfectly polished to-do lists that she refuses to stray from—even when she's celebrating her 21st birthday in Sin City.

1.  Visit the Boom Boom Blues Lounge
2.  See the water show at the Bellagio

Things can't possibly go askew if she crosses things off her list one by one.  But after a night of celebrating leads to waking up in bed with a sexy stranger and a ring on her finger, Harlow realizes that in no point in time did she ever have "Get Married" on her trusty to-do list. Yet that's exactly what she did. 

Professional snowboarder Trace Stone loves a good challenge—he's all about the win.  And this time, he's going to find a way to win over the feisty, meticulous Harlow.  The wedding may have been spontaneous and impulsive, but when he said "forever," he meant it.  Now, the only thing he wants on Harlow's to-do list is him—from this day forward. 

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