Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Deviation, Conviction, and Hooked Cover Reveals!

It's been a busy week for me . . . THREE COVER REVEALS!!!

In August, I asked VLC Productions to redesign the covers for the first two books of my Sophisticates Series, Deviation and Conviction. Vania Stoyanova did a photo shoot to capture the personalities of my main characters and she came up with a new design that really showed off the dystopian feel of the story. She will also be designing the last book in the series. The cover reveal for those two books occurred last week and it was so exciting to finally be able to share them after having them finished for so many months. I'm really happy with the way that they turned out.

Cover Design: VLC Productions
Cover Photo: Vania Stoyanova
Cover Model: Krista Gibson


Cover Design: VLC Productions
Cover Photo: Vania Stoyanova
Cover Model: Hart Morse

And tonight I revealed the cover for my NEW ADULT romance that will be published February 3, 2015!!! I love this cover so much and I hope you do too!

Cover Design: VLC Productions
Cover Photo: Vania Stoyanova

If you ask the confident and snarky skater girl, and she’s in the mood to share, she’ll tell you her name is Cat. She might even tell you that she’s hooked on graffiti, 80s movies, and having fun—the riskier the better. Cat will share a good time with you, but she won’t ever trust you enough to share her heart. It’s protected by secrets and she’d like to keep it that way. 

Cat knows one thing for certain: Love isn’t really her thing.

If you ask the confident and rich pretty boy, he might tell you his name is Huck. He might even tell you he loves a challenge and is used to getting his way. He won’t tell you that his life is a mess because he risked his heart by trusting the wrong girl. Huck is ready for a change, he just wasn’t ready to get hooked on someone like Cat.

Huck knows one thing for certain: Love hasn’t done him any favors, but Cat just might be worth the risk.

Cat and Huck think a one-night stand seems harmless, but when all the little secrets they didn’t share turn out to be toxic truths, they realize how easily a one-night stand (or a few) could ruin everything. 

The thing is, you can be ruined in more than one way. Once you’re HOOKED, what wouldn’t you risk for the chance at more?

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